List The schematic of DAC

Below is a list of the schematic of DAC. These are all old design but I will have a new design very soon. These are postscript and PDF files. For Win95/NT user, please get Aladdin Ghostscript + GSView to read the postscript files. You can also use acroread to read the PDF files.

20-bit : YM3623 + DF1700 + PCM63PK ( postscript or PDF )

18-bit : CS8412 + DF1700 + PCM58PK ( postscript or PDF )

20-bit : CS8412 + DF1700 + PCM63PK ( postscript or PDF )

20-bit : CS8412 + DF1700 + PCM63PK + Jitter Reduction ( postscript or PDF )

power supply : Power supply for 20-bit DAC ( postscript or PDF )

20-bit : AES20 + SM5803 + DAC20400 from The Parts Connection. (WITHOUT analog filter!) ( postscript or PDF )
PS. I am not shure this schematic will work!

I am sorry that I didn't write any articles or instructions for these DACs. However, there are several useful documents at . I wish those documents can give you some helps. The next design will be AES20/21 or CS8414 + SM5842 or DF1704 + PCM1702PK or PCM1704. Hopefully, I will write article for the new design.

I strongly suggest everybody upgrade to CS8414. Even though the CS8414 and CS8412 are almost identical except the CS8414 has the ability to handle 96kHz signal. However, after I replaced my CS8412, I noticed that CS8414 has better audio performance. It provides better bass, better resolution, and deeper sound stage. Try it! You will like it!

The data sheet can be obtained at following web site. You will need Adobe Acroread to read it.

CS8412 and CS8414:

PCM63PK, PCM1702 & OPA627/637: .

NPC Digital filters: SM5813(DF1700) , SM5842. You can also find them at .

Most of the parts should be avaliable at digikey. Some of the parts can be found at The parts connection. or at Audio Crafters Guild .

PS. I don't sell any parts of the DAC!!

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