Cosmic Ray Detectors in High Schools

University of Pittsburgh

University of Missouri at St. Louis

  • We are exploring how best to incorporate the exciting idea of cosmic ray detectors in high schools in the greater St. Louis area into actual learning of high school students in a natural way such that the students and high school teachers take some ownership of the project, while at the same time organizing any information received in such a way that it can be correlated with information from other sites, locally or even nationally. The physicists involved are:

    Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus, Pitt and UMSL

  • For news of our activities, see our UMSL site

  • See one of the Nalta websites: (preliminary version or (later version) for some more details of other groups in North America working on similar projects.

  • A brief introduction, selected links, and possible high school student activities have been developed in conjunction with Ms. Julie Breden of Southwestern High School in southern Illinois.

  • We are working with interested teachers and undergraduates from REUPFOM at UMSL in a series of Quarknet workshops , in a wide range of possible high school teacher activities. We expect that each teacher will go back to her or his classroom as a member of a team which will share a pair of scintillators and recording system which could be used for demonstrating and studying aspects of cosmic rays with their classes. We hope also that some teachers will have a time-stamping mechanism, to allow comparison of rates and events at different participating schools.

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