Research Experiences for Undergraduates and Teachers in Physics - Focus on Minorities

Southern University Illinois Edwardsville

Summer, 2001

Projects, students and teachers this summer:

Proposals, pictures and papers from this summer's group.

Participants below:

1. Ingrid Clay from Xavier University in New Orleans, working on E865, studying backgrounds to the unexpected, first order forbidden decay K+ to pion, muon and electron. She worked with Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus.

2. Oluwafemi Osidipe from the University of New Orleans, working on the CosRayHS project with Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus. Femi worked on communication of the collected data between different computers.

3. Drew Thomas from Xavier University in New Orleans, working with the CosRayHS project with Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus.

4. Elizabeth Weber from SIUE, working on the CosRayHS project with Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus. Elizabeth worked on analysis tools to study the data after collection.

5. Julie Breden , high school physics teacher, Southwestern High School and Jersey Community High School, will be working on the CosRayHS project with Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus. She worked on aspects of the equipment, with a special interest in developing modules at a reasonable level to use with high school students.

6. Cliff Parker , high school physics teacher at Edwardsville High School, also working on the CosRayHS project.

7. Michelle November, high school physics teacher from Western Cape Province, South Africa, working on lead abatement with Julia Thompson

8. Lunghisa Mavundla, high school physics teacher from Western Cape Province, South Africa, working on physics education research with Tom Foster.

  • The aim of the CosRayHS project is to study cosmic ray rates as a function of shower separation, first with two detectors into the same computer and then with two detectors into different computers, communicating time stamp information via GPS technology. If successful, this will establish a prototype for individual detectors at participating area high schools. Individual slants will be developed for each participant.

  • Mentoring and Tutoring

    We will worked with the TRIO (Upward Bound) program of the SIUE E. St. Louis center. (see the pictures in the pictures subdirectory of this web site.

    The program was a combined one:

  • Discussion of the cosmic ray project, with activities, by Julie Breden, Elizabeth Weber, and Drew Thomas. The activities can be found in the hs_jb subdirectory on this web site.

  • Levers/see saws, hands on activiity.

  • Discussion with visiting South African teachers Lunghisa Mavundla and Michelle November, comparing educational and other conditions in the Capetown province and in the US.

    Other Activities:

    Our normal schedule was working Tuesday through Saturday.

    June 15.

  • brown bag lunch at WASHU with noted general relativist Prof. Clifford Will (read his review article in The New Physics?)
  • visit to quasi-crystal group of Prof. Pat Gibbons and Prof. Ken Kelton (visit 150-156 Compton to learn about the making, formability, structure and stability of quasi-crystals. what's the connection to rechargeable batteries? how is this all connected to nucleation and growth in phase transformations?).
  • academics in Forest Park to allow swapped time for research full day on Saturday.

    June 21.

  • brown bag lunch with Prof. Art Braundmeier, Physics Dept. Chair, SIUE. Welcome to SIUE Physics Dept, brief review of de partment, discussion of his own research in optics, and visit to his lab.
  • July 5-9 at Pittsburgh for mid-term presentations. leave July 5 SW 1514 5:15 pm from STL to cleveland. Hope for Whitewater Rafting in PIttsburgh July 8. Students and South African teachers take overnight train from Pittsburgh July 8/9, spend day in Chicago, arrive Alton approx. 9:47 pm on train 305.

    July 12.

  • Prof. Jerry Pogatshnik, probably lunch seminar, describing the course he is developing on the history of the development of the atomic bomb.
  • July 17 E. St. Louis Upward Bound Group. 10:00-12:00 presentations, then lunch.

    July 20

  • visit with Math and Science Upward Bound students at SIUE; REU students described their work, and the South African teachers also described their experiences.
  • afternoon visit to the nanotechnology labs at UMSL, hosted by Prof. Phil Fraundorfer. Combined this with a trip to the St. Louis Science Center, Forest Park, and the (outdoor, pops) Municipal Opera?
  • July 27.

  • visit with Math and Science Upward Bound students at SIUE
  • brown bag lunch (tentatively 245 Compton) and afternoon visit to labs at Washington University. At lunch visited with the different groups. Then tours:
  • 12:15-- lunch
  • 1:00-- Conradi group
  • 1:45-- Israel/cosmic ray group
  • 2:30-- coffee break
  • 2:45-- Miller ultrasound group
  • 3:30-- Hohenberg space science group

    Housing and Housekeeping Details

    Students lived in shared university apartments for most of the summer. Minimal linen and kitchen dishes and cooking utensils are provided, along with a food allowance. Students took up residence June 5, upon arrival from Pittsburgh. June 4 the students were overnight guests of Julia Thompson and Dave Kraus and Thompson's parents, Erwin and Ruth Thompson.