Michele Simionato, Ph. D.

I work as an independent software consultant and trainer. My major expertise is in Python and actually I am a well recognized Python expert (google for "Michele Simionato Python").

Personal data

Michele Simionato
Ph. D.
Job Title
Software consultant
Via Nervi 2 interno 6 00055 Ladispoli (ROMA) ITALY
Cell phone
0039 338 635 4496
Home phone
0039 06 99 22 91 71
Date of Birth
Italian, English, French

Professional Experience

02/2005 - today
software consultant and trainer for Partecs, Dagomedia, Truelite
03/2004 - 01/2005
senior software developer at Partecs s.r.l. (Rome)
09/2003 - 02/2004
free-lance collaborator of IBMdeveloperWorks, O' Reilly, Pyzine, etc.
10/2001 - 08/2003
Research associated at the University of Pittsburgh (USA)
03/1998 - 09/2001
Post-doc fellow at the LPTHE of Jussieu (PARIS)
03-1995 - 02/1998
Ph.D candidate in Theoretical Physics at the University of Parma

Recent activities

In the last year, my activities as a developer were the following:

  • I developed an Internet voting application for Partecs s.r.l;
  • I developed an Intranet accessible document archive for Dagomedia s.r.l, to be used by an Italian bank;
  • I developed a PDF converter for the same bank, using the ReportLab toolkit.

I also have a significant experience as a trainer:

  • I gave remote training to Partecs developers in India;
  • I gave a fairly complete Python course (64 hours) for the council of Bozen;
  • I gave a course on advanced Python (8 hours) at the international ACCU conference in Oxford.

Finally, I have given some contribution to the Open Source community:

  • written various articles published by IBM DeveloperWorks, O'Reilly, et al.
  • written many Python recipes and released a "decorator" module;
  • given a small contribution to the Chicken Scheme implementation.

I have worked with Zope, Quixote, Apache, MySQL, ReportLab and many other open-source techologies.

I have come back to programming after a long detour in Theorical Physics (see http://www.phyast.pitt.edu/~micheles/curriculum.html for my scientific curriculum). I have been living in France (Paris) and in the U.S. (Pittsburgh) as a postdoc researcher.

Interests in software development

Involvement with the Open Source community

I am quite active in the international Python community. I have contributed with posts to the newsgroup, recipes, articles and documentation. I have written papers on esoteric subjects such as metaclasses and multiple inheritance, as well a practical papers on scripting, testing and graph generation. Recently, I have released a "decorator" module (http://www.phyast.pitt.edu/~micheles/python/decorator.zip). Plus, I am often invited at international conferences.

June 2006
I will give a Python course at the EuroPython conference in Goteborg.
April 2005
Invited speaker at the Oxford ACCU conference where I gave a 8 hours course on advanced Python programming and a talk on testing methodologies;
October 2004
Invited speaker at the International CodeJam conference of Ferrara, where I gave a talk on doctest.
October 2004
Written a paper about Graphviz published by O'Reilly
September 2004
Written a paper about optparse published by pyzine
January 2003
Written an essay on Python Method Resolution Order hosted in the Python official website.
December 2002
Written a paper on metaclass programming in collaboration with David Mertz and published by IBM developerWorks

See http://michelesimionato.objectis.net/MyWiki/MyWritings for more.