RET Application Request Form

You can use the following form to directly contact us for an application. If you have specific questions that will not fit on this form please e-mail Professor Jim Mueller at mueller AT

Your name:

Your school:

Your current academic status (BS, MS, etc.):

Your years of teaching:

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Your (permanent) mail address when not at school (include phone, e-mail):

Name, phone, address, e-mail of first reference, an administrative supervisor who can both evaluate your teaching and indicate support for your participation and ideas for incorporating some aspects of the summer program back into your teaching. The letter should be send directly to: Prof. Jim Mueller, Director, RET, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pgh, Pa, 15260

Name, phone, address, e-mail of second reference (who will also send the letter directly to Prof. Mueller at the above address):

Please write a brief summary of your prior experience (work history, research experience, subjects taught and prior preparation for those subjects):

Questions, special interests, etc (eg, do you strongly prefer one area of physics, or a certain professor, etc? Please include your current ideas about how this summer experience would impact your students and your teaching.) :

Student participation (we are seeking funding for limited student participation; would you anticipate that any students from your school would be interested in participating during part or all of the summer program?):

Dates. Tentatively we expect the RET activities to be carried out as a full time activity (5 days/week) in the month of July, corresponding to an appropriate monthly stipend. Up to half a month's stipend may be avaialable in some cases to facilitate return of enriched activities to the classroom. Are the proposed dates satisfactory? If not, please propose an alternative:

This application will not be complete without the two reference letters referred to above.

Your application will have the most complete attention if all materials are received by March 1. The first selections will be made in early March. The number of positions is expected to range from 2-4. Two positions are expected to be available through Quarknet. The Quarknet positions require 8 weeks of research work. Selections will continue until the program is filled.