My Yosemite Picture Show

One monday early in June 2002, I decided to go to Yosemite. I had looked up a few websites with info on camping and maps, and as thursday approached I finally decided to go ahead and do it that weekend. I drove out late friday night after work, arrived around midnight with no moonlight but plenty of artificial light. After some hiking around, I found the backpackers campsite, and set up camp. The next morning, I was amazed at what I saw! I got out of my tent, looked up, and said "wow!" I had camped about 100 yards from the bottom of a cliff that was easily over 1000 feet high!

And there were three more such cliffs, not so close but no less impressive (These pictures were taken from a different perspective).

Closeup of Royal Arches
Half Dome Glacier Point
I wandered around, and found Yosemite Falls a bit farther west against the same cliff.
Yosemite Falls
The hike I had planned took me up by Vernon Falls (right) and Nevada Falls (far right). I didn't expect these falls to be so large! To the right of Vernon falls is the trail that leads you up the side of the cliff (you can't see in this picture, if you had the original you would barely be able to pick this out). Hiking up that trail gets you soaked from the spray. Vernon Falls Nevada Falls
Maraposa Grove Also of interest was Mariaposa Grove, where the giant sequioa's can be found. It was fairly impressive, but perhaps I am in search of a tree that is impossibly large... I was expecting something a bit larger. Unfortunately, there's no scale to this photo (hardly anyone was there when I was), but the cross section of the fallen tree on the right is larger in diameter than I am tall (I'm 6'4").