MONDAY April 13

    8AM: Catered Breakfast in 321 Allen Hall

    9AM: Statistical Issues (Leaders: Schafer, Schneider, Mantz, Eifler, Marshall, Krause)

    10AM: Code Comparison Project (Leader: Elisabeth Krause)

    10:30AM: Coffee Break

    10:45AM: Joint Probes Within LSST and Optical Data Sets (Leaders: Krause, Schneider, Jennings, Bean, Harnois-Deraps)

    12:15: Catered Lunch in 321 Allen Hall

    1:30PM: Working Time and/or Impromptu Discussion

    3:00PM: Coffee & Popcorn Break

    3:30PM: Large-Scale Structure Theory and Modified Gravity (Leaders: de Rham, Senatore)

    7:00PM: BANQUET AT Lucca Ristorante in the Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

TUESDAY April 14

    8AM: Catered Breakfast in 321 Allen Hall

    9AM: Simulations and Mock Catalogs (Leaders: Heitmann, Habib, van Daalen, Hearin, di Matteo)

    10:30AM: Coffee Break

    10:45AM: Statistical Techniques (Leaders: CMU Statistics Members Chad Schafer, Chris Genovese, Peter Freeman, and Larry Wasserman)

    12:15: Lunch (this will be a chance to disperse in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh and find lunch on our own)

    1:30PM: Joint Probes, Combining with External Data Sets (Blake Sherwin, Alex van Engelen, Hironao Miyatake)

    3:15PM: Coffee and Sweets (so that we get sleepy)

    3:30PM: Testing Gravity with LSST (Mustapha Ishak)

    4:00PM: Department Colloquium by Rachel Bean (In 102 THAW HALL)

    4:00PM: Work Time and/or Impromptu Discussion

    5:00PM: Adjourn


    There will be no formal schedule on Wednesday. However, participants that wish to stay all or part of Wednesday for further work, discussion, or to file their taxes may feel free to do so.