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  Title File Name
1 Measuring the Speed of Sound through Air and Water P111-1.pdf
2 Standing Waves on a String and in an Air Column P111-2.pdf
3 Light through Pin Holes and the Exploration of Shadows P111-3.pdf
4 An Image formed by a Lens and the Human Eye P111-4.pdf
5 The Difference between Insulators and Conductors  P111-5.pdf
6 Electrostatic Induction   P111-6.pdf
7 Parallel Plate Capacitor and Pith Ball  P111-7.pdf
8 Faraday Ice Pail: Exploring Gaussís Law and Shielding P111-9.pdf
9 Electric Circuit Jeopardy: Exploring Light Bulbs in Parallel and Series P111-10.pdf
10 Exploring the Differences between Electricity and Magnetism P111-11.pdf
11 Parallel Plate Capacitor and Capacitance P111-13.pdf
12 Exploring  the Motion of an Electron in Mutually Perpendicular E and B Fields P111-14.pdf
13 Exploring the Magnetic Field Produced from a Current Carrying Wire P111-15.pdf
14 Explorations into Electromagnetic Induction P111-16.pdf
15 Applications of Electromagnetic Induction including Eddy Currents P111-18.pdf
16 Exploring Two Slit Interference and Single Slit Diffraction P111-19.pdf
17 Exploring Electric Fields and Potential with Computer Simulations P111-20.pdf
18 DC Circuits: Resister Networks ( Contributed by Steve Dytman) P111-21.pdf