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Dr. Mueller Physics Exploration Center Assignments:


Week   2006 Experiment


Reference Material for Experiment
1 1/2      
2 1/9 P110-1.pdf Air Track Introduction to Graphs  
3 1/16      
4 1/23 P110-2.pdf Ballistic Cart: 2d Kinematics  
5 1/30 P110-3.pdf Measurement of "g" on an Inclined Air Track  
6 2/6 P110-12.pdf Newton's Second Law Experiment: Hanging Mass on an Air Track  
 7 2/13 P110-4.pdf Circular Motion and Centripetal Acceleration : Ball and String Experiment  
8 2/20 P110-5.pdf Work-Energy: Loop the Loop  
9 2/27 P110-8.pdf Conservation of Linear Momentum: Collisions an the Air Track  
10 3/6      
11 3/13 P110-9.pdf Moment of Inertia and Angular Momentum  
12 3/20 P110-7.pdf Angular Dynamics: the Angular Acceleration Machine and the Inertia Batons  
13 3/27 P110-10.pdf Double Spring Oscillator an the Air Track  
14 4/3 P110-11.pdf Explorations of Simple Harmonic Motion and Pendulums  
15 4/10 P111-1.pdf


Measuring the Speed of Sound through Air and Water

Standing Waves on a String and in an Air Column

16 4/17