Professor Emeritus Bernard L. CohenUniversity of Pittsburgh

Published by Plenum Press, 1990

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1.Nuclear Power — Act II
2.Do we need more power plants?
3.Environmental problems with coal, oil, and gas
4.Is the public ready for more nuclear power?
5.How dangerous is radiation?
6.The fearsome reactor meltdown accident
7.The Chernobyl accident — can it happen here?
8.Understanding risk
9.Costs of nuclear power plants — what went wrong?
10.The next generation of nuclear power plants
11.Hazards of high-level radioactive waste — the great myth
12.More on radioactive waste
13.Plutonium and bombs
14.The solar dream
15.Questions and answers
17.Appendix: Chapter References


A book of this type must often get into discussions of scientific details. Every effort has been made to keep them as readable as possible for the layperson. The more technical details have been put into Appendixes at the end of the book. These can be ignored by readers with less interest in details. For readers with more interest in these, references are given which can be used as starting points for further reading. Personal inquiries about further information or references are always welcome.

Each chapter is broken up into sections. If a reader is not interested in the subject of a particular section or finds it to be too technical, it can usually be skipped over without loss of continuity.

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